Due to a technical issue, all prizes in our Dream Drops promotion have been credited on Temple Tumble 2. We will be contacting qualifying players tomorrow with full details

Sunday Special Gaming Promotion

1. What is Sunday Special?

  • Sunday Special is an exclusive promotion available to selected BoyleSports players. Each Sunday, a different game is chosen for this promotion. By opting in, you can earn up to 100 free spins while wagering on eligible games mentioned in the BoyleSports promotion details.

2. When will I receive my reward?

  • Your reward will be added to your account by no later than 17:30 on Monday. You will receive an inbox message as soon as it has been credited.

3. How will I be notified when my reward is credited?

  • We will send you an inbox message confirming the addition of your reward. This message will include comprehensive information about the game on which you can use the free spins and a direct link to the game details.

4. What is the timeframe for claiming my reward?

  • Your reward will remain available in your account for 48 hours from the moment the bonus is applied.

5. What should I do if I haven't received my reward?

  • In rare cases, rewards may experience delays. Rest assured, if this occurs, we will ensure that your rewards are credited within 72 hours from their originally scheduled time.

6. Why was a different reward credited to my account?

  • If, for any reason, we cannot credit your reward for the advertised game, we will provide you with an alternative reward of equal or greater value. You will receive a detailed inbox message when we credit the alternative reward.

7. Are there any additional details I should be aware of?

  • Some games are excluded from the promotion for staking. You can find comprehensive information about these excluded games on the promotion details page.

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