How Do I Set Deposit Limits On My Account?

Q: What are deposit limits and why should I set them?

A: Deposit limits are a way for you to control how much money you are depositing into your gambling account over a set period of time. It's a useful tool for responsible gambling, allowing you to set a budget that you're comfortable with, acting as a safety net in case you lose track of your spending.


Q: Where can I set a deposit limit for my account?

A: You can set a personal daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit in the 'My Account' section, under the 'Responsible Gambling' tab on the BoyleSports website.


Q: How often do the deposit limits reset?

A: Daily deposit limits reset at midnight every day. Weekly limits reset every 7 days, and monthly limits reset on the corresponding day each month on a rolling basis.


Q: How soon will changes to my deposit limit take effect?

A: If you lower the amount of your deposit limit, the change will take effect immediately. If you increase the deposit limit, the change will be registered but will take effect at midnight the following day. For UK users, a limit increase requires reconfirmation via a pop-up that will appear upon logging in after the 24-hour period has elapsed.


Q: Can I remove a previously set deposit limit?

A: Yes, you can remove a previously set deposit limit by updating the limit frequency to 'No Limit'. The removal of the deposit limit will also be subject to a time delay and requires further confirmation from UK users.


Q: What if a temporary deposit limit has been applied to my account by BoyleSports?

A: If BoyleSports has applied a temporary deposit limit to your account, you will need to contact BoyleSports directly to request an increase.


Q: Where can I go to set a Deposit Limit now?

A: You can set a deposit limit immediately by visiting the 'My Account' section and selecting 'Responsible Gambling'. Please remember that any increases to your deposit limit will only take effect from midnight the following day and will need to be reconfirmed if you're a UK user.


Click here to set a Deposit Limit now.


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