What is RNG (Random Number Generator)?

Q: Who audits BoyleSports Betting and Gaming's RNG (Random Number Generator)?

A: All games at BoyleSports Gaming are verified by independent testing houses which are also approved by both the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.  An example is Gaming Laboratories International.


Q: Why is RNG auditing important for online gaming?

A: RNG auditing ensures that the outcomes of online games, such as casino games or virtual sports, are fair and random. It provides assurance to players that the games are not manipulated and that they have a fair chance of winning.


Q: Are the testing houses' credentials approved by regulators?

A: Yes, all of the testing houses used for games at BoyleSports are approved by regulatory authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Gambling Commission to conduct compliance testing. This approval signifies that they meet the standards required to assess the fairness and integrity of RNGs in the gambling industry.


Q: Does BoyleSports Betting and Gaming ensure fair gaming practices?

A: Yes, by having their RNG audited by independent testing houses, BoyleSports Betting and Gaming demonstrates a commitment to fair gaming practices. The auditing process helps ensure that the outcomes of their games are unbiased and based on random chance.


Q: How can I verify the RNG auditing for BoyleSports Betting and Gaming?

A: You can rely on approvals from regulatory authorities like the UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Gambling Commission. These regulators require online gaming companies to meet certain standards and conduct regular audits, including RNG testing, to maintain compliance. All games provided by BoyleSports have this certification.


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