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What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap Betting Explained

Market Description: In handicap betting, you predict the outcome of a match as either a home win, a draw, or an away win. A handicap spread (expressed as +/- a certain number of goals) is applied to one or both teams. This spread adjusts the actual goal score to determine the betting outcome.


Example: Consider a match between Liverpool and Everton, with Everton receiving a +1 handicap. If the actual final score is Liverpool 1-1 Everton, the handicap is added to Everton's score. Thus, for betting purposes, the result is Liverpool 1-2 Everton. In this scenario, the bet on Everton wins, as they "win" with the applied handicap.


Key Rules and Settlements


1. Normal Time Settlement: Bets are settled based on events occurring in normal time, including any added injury/stoppage time.


2. Exclusion of Extra Time: Goals or events in extra time are not considered in handicap betting.


3. Postponement Policy: If a match is postponed, our standard postponed match rules apply.


4. Abandoned Matches: In the event of match abandonment, our standard abandoned match rules are in effect.


Q: Where can I find information on BoyleSports' betting rules?

A: For a comprehensive overview of all our betting rules, we advise you to refer to our Rule Book, which can be found at this link: BoyleSports Rule Book

Our rule book contains detailed information on all aspects of betting with us, including the general rules that apply to all bets, as well as sport-specific rules.

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