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What is NFL, 14 Points Ahead?

Q: What is the new '14 Points Ahead' coupon?

A: The 14 Points Ahead coupon is an early payout offer for NFL and Rugby World Cup matches. If the team you back goes 14 points ahead at any point during the match, we'll settle your bet as a winner immediately.

Q: How does the NFL 14 Points Ahead coupon work?

A: If the NFL team you back goes 14 points ahead during the game, your bet will be settled as a winner immediately. For example, scores like 14-0, 17-3, or 21-7 would trigger the early payout.

Q: How do I qualify for this offer?

A: To qualify, you must place your bet on the 14 Points Ahead NFL coupon. This offer is exclusive to Match Winner bets and does not apply to Handicap Betting or Points Spread.

Q: Is this offer available on Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs)?

A: No, the 14 Points Ahead offer is not currently available on SSBTs. However, we do offer Acca Boost on NFL matches on these terminals.

Q: Are these offers available for online betting as well?

A: Yes, these offers are available for customers who bet online with BoyleSports.


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