How Does Cash Out Work?

Q: What is the Cash Out feature?

A: Cash Out is a feature that allows you to settle your bet early, taking a portion of the potential returns if the bet were to win. The settlement value offered will vary based on the likelihood of the bet winning and may be less than the initial stake placed on the bet. Essentially, this feature allows you to secure a profit when in a favorable position or limit your losses by cashing out for a lower return, instead of a loss.

Q: On which bets can I use the Cash Out feature?

A: Cash Out is available on selected events, fixtures, and markets both pre-match and In-Play, on single and multiple bets, for sports including Football, Tennis, GAA, Snooker, Darts, Rugby, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Horse Racing (Except US Racing), and Golf. However, BoyleSports cannot guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on your bet selection.

Q: What are the terms of using Cash Out?

A: Cash Out is not available for free bets, bets placed using non-withdrawable funds, or any bets placed which would qualify customers to receive a free bet, bonus, or promotion. In the rare event that a Cash Out value has been incorrectly offered, BoyleSports reserves the right to rectify such errors. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or remove Cash Out availability at any time on any market or to any customer.

Q: How quickly can I Cash Out?

A: Cash out offers are made in real time when available. However, if a price changes or a market suspends, the Cash Out request may not be successful.

Q: How can I Cash Out?

A: On Desktop, after placing your bet, if you wish to cash out while it is in-play, go to the In-Play tab and select Cash Out. On Mobile, you can go straight to the Cash Out tab, located on the top left-hand corner of the screen. Any available bets for cash out will be visible within this section with the appropriate cash offer visible. If you decide to accept the offer, click on Full Cashout and confirm on the next screen.

Q: Where can I find my bet after I Cash Out?

A: Bets that have been Cashed Out will no longer be visible on the Cash Out tab. They can be viewed through Account History in My Account.

Q: Which markets are available for Cash Out?

A: The Cash Out feature is available for various markets in different sports, including Football, Tennis, Darts, GAA, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Snooker, Baseball, Basketball, NFL, Ice Hockey, and Cricket. The specific markets for each sport are detailed on the BoyleSports website.

Q: Where can I find information on BoyleSports' betting rules?

A: For a comprehensive overview of all our betting rules, we advise you to refer to our Rule Book, which can be found at this link: BoyleSports Rule Book

Our rule book contains detailed information on all aspects of betting with us, including the general rules that apply to all bets, as well as sport-specific rules.

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