Is The Site Secure?

Q: How important is online security for you?

A: Online security is of utmost importance to us. We understand that our users need to feel completely secure about their personal details before interacting with our platform.


Q: How do you secure data transmission over the Internet?

A: We employ SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, a built-in mechanism in your browser, for all data communication between you and our website. This ensures that any information you provide is transformed into highly encrypted code, making it difficult for unauthorized users to interpret.


Q: What happens to my data once it's received by your server?

A: Your data, once received, is converted back into text and securely stored on our web server. We have stringent procedures and security features in place to prevent unauthorized access to this information.


Q: How do you protect sensitive information like debit card numbers and passwords?

A: We ensure that sensitive information, such as personal details, credit or debit card numbers, passwords, and account details, is automatically encrypted. This adds an additional layer of protection and confidentiality.


Q: What other security measures have been installed on the website?

A: We use the latest firewall technology, which acts as a barrier against unauthorized access to our server. In addition, our website performs anti-fraud checks during all transaction and payment processes to ensure a safe online experience.


Q: What happens if there's an attempt at unauthorised access?

A: Our firewall technology and security systems are designed to detect any unauthorized access attempts instantly. We will use strict procedures and security features to prevent such breaches.


Q: How safe are my transactions on your website?

A: All transactions on our website are subject to anti-fraud checks. We ensure that the process is secure and any attempt of fraud is promptly detected and prevented.

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