Why Has My Withdrawal Been Cancelled?

Q: Why has my withdrawal been cancelled?

A: There are two main reasons why your withdrawal may have been cancelled: ID requirements and the Source to Source Policy.


Q: What are the ID requirements for withdrawal?

A: As an age-sensitive business, we must ensure that all customers are 18 years or older. In some cases, we may be unable to verify the account holder's age through routine checks. In such instances, we will request proof of ID directly from the customer. If a withdrawal is requested before providing the required ID, any pending withdrawal requests will be placed on hold until the account has been verified.


Q: What is the Source to Source Policy? A: In compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, all payments must be returned to the original source from which the funds originated. This means that if you made a deposit using a specific payment method, any winnings or withdrawals must be returned to the same source. If you request a withdrawal to an alternative payment method, our security department will cancel the request and the funds will be diverted back to the original source.

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