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Do BoyleSports Have Bingo Chat Rooms?

Q: What is the purpose of the chat room while playing bingo?

A: The chat room is a place where you can interact with our friendly Chat Moderators (CMs) and other players, meet new friends, and win loyalty points every day! From 11am till 11pm, we have CMs hosting different chat games every hour, and winners receive either 450 loyalty points or a £/€1 bingo bonus.


Q: What is the Chat Etiquette?

A: Our chat room should be a fun and respectful environment for everyone. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Show respect, be courteous and friendly to all players and CMs.
  2. Use English in the public chat room.
  3. Avoid using capital letters unnecessarily as it's seen as shouting.
  4. Discrimination of any form is not allowed.
  5. Refrain from using indecent or vulgar language.
  6. Do not spam the chat room.
  7. Do not harass, insult, threaten, or upset other players.
  8. Do not impersonate other players.
  9. Any complaints should be directed to our CMs or our Customer Services Team.
  10. Do not use the chat rooms for advertising or promotion.
  11. Use appropriate chat names.
  12. Do not give out personal details.

CMs have the authority to ban/restrict you from chat if these rules are violated.


Q: What are some common acronyms used in the bingo chat room?

A: There are several acronyms used in the chat rooms. Here are some examples:

  • 1tg: 1 to go
  • asap: As soon as possible
  • lol: Laugh Out Loud
  • bbl: Be back later
  • np: No problem
  • omg: Oh my gosh
  • ty: Thank you
  • gg: Good Game
  • wd: Well done

For a more comprehensive list, you may refer to our guide to acronyms and chat language in the bingo rooms.


Q: What happens if I break the chat room rules?

A: If you violate the chat room rules or ignore our advice and warnings, the CMs have the authority to ban or restrict you from chat. We take these rules very seriously to maintain a fun and respectful environment for everyone.


Q: What if I don't understand some of the chat acronyms used in the bingo chat room?

A: We provide a guide to the acronyms and chat language used in our bingo rooms to help you understand and engage in the conversation. If you still have questions, you can ask for help or clarification in the chat room.

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