Can I Open An Account On Behalf Of Someone Else?

Can I Open An Account On Behalf Of Someone Else?

Unfortunately, we do not allow individuals to register accounts in the name of another person. Allowing such accounts would go against our policies and regulations, which is why we strictly prohibit such actions. Any accounts found to be registered under a different individual's name will be promptly closed.


Whose name should be used when opening a BoyleSports account? 

When signing up with BoyleSports, it is important that the account is created under your own name. We only permit customers to register accounts using their personal information. This ensures a high level of security and accountability for all account activities.


Can someone else use my BoyleSports account? 

No, it is strictly forbidden for anyone other than the named account holder to use a BoyleSports account. Each account holder is responsible for all actions carried out on their account.

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