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Can I Deposit or Withdraw Via Bank Transfer?

Q: How can I deposit funds to my Boylesports account via bank transfer?

A: To deposit funds to your Boylesports account through a bank transfer, please follow the instructions and use the account information provided below, based on your currency.

For EUR Deposits - Boylesports GIBRALTA:

  • Account Number: 46220904
  • Sort Code: 990212
  • Swift Code/BIC: BARCIE2D
  • IBAN: IE53BARC99021246220904

For GBP Deposits - Boylesports GIBRALTA:

  • Account Number: 14353538
  • Sort Code: 98 11 40
  • Swift Code/BIC: ULSBGB2B
  • IBAN: GB35ULSB98114014353538

Please ensure to use the correct account information based on your currency to facilitate the deposit process effectively.


Q: Can I withdraw funds via bank transfer?

A: Yes, in certain circumstances you may be permitted to withdraw via bank transfer.

Q: What information is required to process a bank transfer withdrawal?

A: In order for us to process the transaction for you, we will require the following information:



  • Boylesports Account Number:
  • Bank Account Name:
  • Bank Name:
  • Bank Account Number:
  • Bank Sort Code:
  • Amount requested:

Non UK

  • Boylesports Account Number:
  • Bank Account Name:
  • Bank Name:
  • Swift Code:
  • IBAN number:
  • Amount requested:

Q: Are there any restrictions on the recipient's bank account name?

A: Yes, we will only transfer funds to a bank account in the same name as that registered on your Boylesports account.

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